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Minimize Holiday Waste

Orlando Ave 11/20 11:15P tisner
From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, over 1 million tons of extra waste are generated in the United States! How can we reduce that number? It may take some effort on our part, but we can definitely...

Orlando State of the Market October 2023

Orlando Ave 11/16 9:18A tisner
New Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association data shows inventory spikes as interest rates reach new heights . State of the Market October’s interest rate was recorded at 7.8%, up from 7.3% in September....

Keeping Your Packages Safe

Orlando Ave 11/13 11:07P tisner
With online shopping having become so popular, this time of year brings stories on the news about package thieves, as well as new gadgets to help deter someone from walking away with packages...

Childproofing for Guests

Orlando Ave 11/6 11:00P tisner
It’s the visiting time of year, and some of your guests will likely be bringing little ones with them.  If your home is now child-free, you may not be aware of possible hazards for little ones.  Get...

Brighten the Dark

Orlando Ave 10/31 12:20A tisner
Daylight is becoming noticeably shorter this time of year, and with Daylight Savings Time a few days away, most people will be coming home from work in the dark.  Options for lighting have come so...

Creating a Restful Bedroom

Orlando Ave 10/24 2:00A tisner
Ah, rest it is probably one thing that many people will say that they don’t get enough of.  Something we may not realize that’s vital to a good night’s sleep is a calm atmosphere in the bedroom. ...

Orlando State of the Market September 2023

Orlando Ave 10/17 5:46A tisner
New Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association data shows rates reach highest level in over 20 years, contributing to market slowdown this fall. State of the Market September’s interest rate was recorded at 7.3%, up from 6.6% in August. This is the...

Easy Halloween Decorations!

Orlando Ave 10/10 12:05A tisner
Halloween is quickly becoming the most popular holiday in the US.   You don’t have to break the bank for decorations, though.  There are many ways you can prepare for the fun-filled holiday with...

First Time Homebuyers Mortgage-Related Junk Mail

Orlando Ave 10/3 12:55A tisner
The stress and excitement of buying your first home has subsided, the boxes are unpacked, and your mail is being forwarded to your new address–the house is yours! So why are you getting mail regarding...

Credit Score Change Could Help Millions of Buyers

Orlando Ave 9/28 4:19A tisner
The nation’s consumer bureau took a first step to erase medical debt from credit reports and lending decisions because that type of debt “has little predictive value.” WASHINGTON – The Consumer...

House Plants for Dark Rooms

Orlando Ave 9/26 12:13A tisner
Daylight hours have become noticeably less, and so are out landscaping duties! If you’d like to bring the outside in but are concerned about the plants needing sunlight, don’t worry.  Many houseplants...

Orlando State of the Market August 2023

Orlando Ave 9/22 4:10A tisner
New Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association data shows market continues to cool as  fall season approaches State of the Market Inventory for August was recorded at 6,115, up 6.9% from July when...

Real Estate Disclosures and You

Orlando Ave 9/19 12:53A tisner defines the term  disclosure  as “ the buyer’s opportunity to learn as much as they can about the property and the seller’s experience in it.”  In most states, this simply means that the...
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