My 2023 Swim Picks

Central Florida Chic 5/30 11:58A Danielle
Later this week I will be starting one of a couple tropical vacations planned for the summer! Now that Memorial Day has passed, it’s time to kick off summer with some of my favorite swim pieces for...

Chic & Preppy Tennis Dress

Central Florida Chic 5/26 12:00A Danielle
It seems like every time I’m on the hunt for a particular clothing item that it comes out a year later. For instance, last year as I was preparing for my bachelorette party I was searching for a blue...


Green Fashionista 5/23 11:30P (Kate at Gre
Anyone else hear Tyrese singing "Lately"? Just me? Ok... time for another photo dump catch up. We celebrated Mother's Day weekend with a trip to a local winery for a tasting and enjoyed the live music...

Which Dress Should I Keep?

J's Everyday Fashion 5/19 8:18A J
Gone are the days when I would get all dressed up for dinner, for events, and for work! I’m full-time at home with our son, so these days I rarely put on a real bra, never take my hair out of the...

Recent Favs

Green Fashionista 5/16 11:30P (Kate at Gre
I am in disbelief that Lil' Miss only has 1 week left of Kindergarten and we are celebrating my husband's 40th birthday. We are excited to check out a new-to-us destination in celebration of his...

Fun, Colorful Activewear on a Budget

J's Everyday Fashion 5/15 8:44A J
Most days you can find me running around outside with my toddler - on bike rides or playing at the park. The baggy t-shirts and bike shorts I’ve been wearing have me feeling sloppy and un-inspired,...

An Honest Review of Chicwish

Central Florida Chic 5/14 3:00A Danielle
Chicwish is a brand I’ve been wanting to try for awhile now. They have a mix of trendy and timeless pieces on their website. I’m not a fan of the trendier pieces, but there’s a vintage elegance to...

Spring Catch Up

Green Fashionista 5/9 11:30P (Kate at Gre
*Tap tap* Is this thing on? A LOT has been going on - grab a cup of coffee and let's catch up. Last time I showed up in this space I recapped our amazing Southern Caribbean Cruise and then posted my...

My Cruising Tips

Green Fashionista 4/18 11:30P (Kate at Gre
I have a lot of catching up to do in this space, as I haven't shown up since recapping our Southern Caribbean cruise we took last month while Lil' Miss was on spring break. The week after we returned...

One Year Anniversary

Central Florida Chic 4/5 12:00A Danielle
This post is sponsored by AW Bridal . All opinions are my own. Results may vary. Our one year wedding anniversary has officially come and gone. In a blink of an eye and eternity all at once, we’ve...

Spring New Arrivals at LOFT

Central Florida Chic 4/3 12:05P Danielle
LOFT s marketing emails got me good last week. They offered a $25 off coupon on top of already applied discounts . I usually try to ignore marketing emails (if I didn t I d be broke, amiright?!) but a...

Romantic Print Vine Dress from Hill House

Central Florida Chic 3/29 5:02A Danielle
As soon as I saw Hill House release their Spring 2023 collection, I knew I was in trouble. I wanted pretty much everything. And I do mean everything. (It was like the fall collection all over again)....

Just Cruising

Green Fashionista 3/26 11:30P (Kate at Gre
....and just like that we're back! From the trip we had been looking forward to for so long that almost didn't happen. Woof. Two nights before we were leaving for the cruise Lil' Miss had a high...

Spring Green Hill House Dress

Central Florida Chic 3/22 12:17P Danielle
Some things never change, like my love for green in spring! Whether it’s a true sage green, or something a little darker, I want to wear it all in spring. In years past I’ve struggled to add green to...

Green Dress from Hill House

Central Florida Chic 3/13 12:00P Danielle
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been wearing a lot of Hill House and a lot of green. Green is my favorite color, but I didn’t have a ton of green in my closet. For the...
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