Green Fashionista 10/4 11:30P (Kate at Gre
In the 12+ years since we moved to Florida, we have been extremely fortunate to only endure 3 hurricanes - Hurricane Matthew in 2016 (2 weeks before Lil' Miss' due date) thankfully we didn't lose...

Warm Fall Florals

Central Florida Chic 10/1 12:00A Danielle
You have to be a little creative when it comes to fall in Florida. Sure blazers and turtlenecks and tall boots sound great, but have you ever worn them when it s 90 degrees out? (I have. And I highly...

Fall Wardrobe Basic: Mock Neck Tank

Central Florida Chic 9/28 12:00A Danielle
To be honest, not much changes in a Floridians wardrobe from summer to fall. It more often makes the change from summer to winter. One essential I love having in my wardrobe for fall though is a mock...

Wedding Weekend in Cape Cod

Green Fashionista 9/27 11:30P (Kate at Gre
On Monday, I recapped our trip to Connecticut and Cape Cod last weekend for my cousin's wedding. Today, I'm recapping the wedding itself. It was black tie optional which gave us an excuse to get...

Long Weekend in CT and Cape Cod

Green Fashionista 9/25 11:30P (Kate at Gre
We are officially back from a whirlwind trip to Connecticut and Cape Cod. We hadn't been up north to visit family in 4 years - eek! So, it was truly good for the soul to see everyone, generate...

Little Black Blazer Dress

Central Florida Chic 9/25 12:00A Danielle
Birds of a feather flock together! This blazer dress with feathers is the perfect outfit for fall! Two things that have been on my list to wear since I got engaged was a blazer dress and something...

Elegant Leather Dress with Tulle

Central Florida Chic 9/22 12:00A Danielle
For the perfect amount of sugar and spice, combine leather and tulle. This elegant leather dress with tulle skirt is the perfect dress for a sophisticated and edgy look. It’s one of my latest rentals...

Barbiecore Inspired Outfit

Central Florida Chic 9/19 12:00A Danielle
A hot new bombshell enters the villa. Barbiecore needs no explanation. Barbie pink is the new cottagecore and it s taking over this fall. What better way to try out the trend than with a classic pink...

Perfect Zip Booties from Sarah Flint

Central Florida Chic 9/15 12:00A Danielle
I had the privilege of trying the Perfect Zip Booties from Sarah Flint recently. While I didn’t end up keeping them, (because Florida will only permit so many boots in my wardrobe) I wanted to give a...

Fall Mini Dress

Central Florida Chic 9/13 12:00A Danielle
In case you forgot, I live in Florida. Which means cozy sweaters, jeans, and boots, do not make an acceptable fall wardrobe. Dresses, open toed boots or sandals are what a Florida fall wardrobe...

Birthday Month Goodies

Green Fashionista 9/11 11:30P (Kate at Gre
I'm still in disbelief that "birthday month" is over, and we are well into September. I was spoiled with lots of gift cards, and treated myself to some fun shopping sprees. I scooped up this twist...

Hill House Home Fall Fashion Collection 2022

Central Florida Chic 9/11 2:47A Danielle
The Fall Fashion Collection for Hill House drops on September 14, 2022. Since giving into the hype of the Nap Dress (rightfully so) I have not been able to stop. Hill House makes easy, wearable pieces...

Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale Fall 2022

Central Florida Chic 9/8 7:49A Danielle
The official date for the Fall 2022 Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale has just been announced! The sale will be online only from September 12-September 14 . If you’ve been a Lilly lover for a few years you...

LDW on the Lake

Green Fashionista 9/6 11:30P (Kate at Gre
A day on the lake (or any body of water - beach, pool etc...) is always good for the soul. Combine that with good friends, and it's a winning combo. We laid low to kick off Labor Day Weekend by going...

Jewel Tones for Fall

Central Florida Chic 9/2 5:34A Danielle
While the official start of fall isn t until later in September, fall mode starts now . Even in Florida, where it s endless summer, you can feel the air buzzing with fall anticipation. Will we reach...
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