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In any type of health care service, history plays a very important role. This small folder can become the key piece for the specialist, next to some plates and exams, to know the state of health of the patient who has to the front.
What kind of information do they request?

The basic data of the patient. All the basic personal information will be recorded here, as names, age, work activity and any other information of interest that allows the specialist to know the patient better and the contact forms available.

The record of the general health status. Although this specialist works only in the oral cavity, he cannot leave aside other pathologies that the patient presents. Any type of disease should be known by the dentist, as this way you can take the appropriate measures and prepare in case of an emergency. In some cases the patient cannot be treated in the general way because the substances administered would generate a harmful effect.

The dental history. In this phase you really go into the subject and there the specialist will want to know more about the experiences and previous treatments that you, the patient, have received in other dental consultations. In this way, you will be prepared for what you can find.

The dental diagram. With the help of the assistant, the specialist will fill this chart thanks to the information provided by the first review. There will leave registered all the required treatments, turning it a "picture" on the patient's teeth that he can review whenever he requires.
Why you should know this?

As a dental patient or a dental patient’s parent you must know the weight of the information you provide to the specialist to obtain a quality service. Many people provide little valid information during this interview, simply because they do not consider it important.

Each time you visit a dentist for the first time, take previous notes aboutkey information from what was mentioned above. In this way, you can be sure that you did not leave any important data aside. You have an active role in the care you receive and today you can know that this information is extremely valuable and can be transcendental during your consultation.

Don’t forget that the dentist does not work alone; He works hand in hand with his assistants and their patients.