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Whether you clean your home windows yourself or get in a professional to do them, there are certain basic materials, tools and procedures that seem to work well.

Professionals cleaning shop and office windows, which include large expanses of glass sheets, sometimes use a different technique to that used on smaller home windows. They connect water purifiers to the hoses, so that chemicals and minerals are removed. This leaves no residue on the glass like ordinary tap water. The use of soap and/or cleaning chemicals is then unnecessary.

At home this is not always the best solution. The frames of the windows tend to get dusty and grimy and need a good clean with some sort of mild detergent. There are a variety of specialised glass cleaners that you spray on or add to the water.

Old home cleaning remedies often recommended the use of vinegar to the water. However this should be very little, just enough to soften the water, or else the soap you use won't work up a nice lather. This soapy lather is what really gets both windows and frames nice and clean.

Many of the commercial window sprays work adequately, especially if you clean briefly and often - very useful way of going about it, if you have small children at home and lots of regular glass fingerprints! The sprays work really well to get the glass clean, but do little to clean the frames.

Clean the frames first with regular household cleaner with warm water and cloth. When this is done, clean the glass, at the same time removing the smudges from cleaning the frames.
I have found the best way to use the sprays is to wipe the glass with newspaper rather than a squeegee or cloths. There is something in the printer's ink in the newspaper sheets that leaves a lovely shine on glass.

However, if you prefer to give all your windows a thorough six monthly clean, you may need to look at something more professional. To start with, buy small quantities of professional 

window cleaning in guelph and try the different ones out. See if you can find cleaners with anti static dust repellent. You get some with 'anti mist' and 'anti dust' properties that last from weeks to months.

When you start your Big Clean, get yourself a nice bucket or plastic hamper so that you can keep all your equipment and materials together as you move around. Some professionals have a container fastened to their belts where they put their squeegees and mops for convenience.

Then you will need a good squeegee and a window cleaning mop with a bucket that is big enough to take their heads. It is worth investing in a really good quality squeegee if you want the easiest and cleanest results. You may even need more than one. If you do have big picture windows, you get really big 24 inch squeegees, right down to tiny ones for small colonial type glass panes.

You may need pole extensions for your mop and squeegee, if your windows are higher than your ladder can reach.

You will need a mop to apply the soapy water, and possibly a little scraper to remove any hard materials such as paint or varnish flecks, insects, etc. Then, a good supply of cloth and rags. Soft towelling cloths, thinner cloths, and a microfibre cloth to remove smudges that the squeegee misses. You may even need a soft scourer if you have a bad grime build up on your frames.

Some Window Cleaning Gear For Idiots

Taking care of your home glass windows can take it's toll on you when the right kind of equipment is not available. Tools for cleaning windows make it less difficult for the average bloke to maintain his glass windows and getting acquainted with them can help you save some time and a lot of back breaking work.

If you have a spending budget to invest in top quality tools, then your next schedule to clean your house windows won't be such a hassle as before. In the event that you are like us, you'd most likely already tried cleansing your glass windows the old fashion way using grand ma's old home made tips. The most common homemade solution you have probably used before is the old newspaper trick. We all know that clearing off windows using a moist cloth will only bring about residues and stain that will make your window look unpleasant. So the ancient way is to use paper to get the marks left by using cloth with water. But then again, this is really a home made solution. When you want a more specialist look minus the elements in your window, then you'd really have to get acquainted with window cleaning resources.

The Trickey is probably the best tool to clean louvered windows, glass shelves and vertical blinds. They are also very useful in cleansing wooden shutters which have a peculiar angle and would be difficult to clean without this specific tool.

The Wagtail is a patented cleaning tool that mixes the effectiveness of a mop and squeegee and is confirmed to be effective in cleaning virtually any type of window. This device is designed to squeeze water away while washing.

Waterfed poles is the best tool you can have especially if you are dealing with windows that are located in the fourth or fifth floor of a small constructing, And if you have a large home you can use this to easily wash the dirt off fast.

There are more tools that you are able to use, but if you really would like to save more time and have it carried out the right way, then employing a professional window cleaning service is most likely your smartest choice. Window cleaners in the UK are correctly trained to use the most advance products to clear residential and commercial windows. If you think the cleaning job is too great for you in spite of the fact that you are savvy using these cleaning tools, next hiring an expert window cleaner is actually the way to go.

You can start by looking up the local contractor in your location, call them up to ask for a free quote and when you like the price and also the service, then that's it; you can use them to clean your home windows and you can then make use of your own cleaning skills for smaller washing tasks at your home.

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