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Glaucoma and ocular hypertension are serious eye problems. Both these ophthalmic disorders need immediate medical intervention to stop them from damaging an important part of the eye called the optic nerve, which is responsible for vision. Here are some common questions about glaucoma.


How to treat glaucoma?


Glaucoma can be treated with surgical measures as well as through medications. Both types of treatment focus on lowering the pressure formed on the eyes through the fluid called aqueous humor. If the ophthalmic pressure is successfully brought down then any damage to the optic nerve can be stopped. This in turn will result in the prevention of black spots, reduced vision, or complete loss of eyesight, in short, stopping glaucoma from worsening. People are often told by doctors to buy generic Bimatoprost online and use it regularly to treat glaucoma. Minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries, laser treatment, tube-shunt surgery, trabeculectomy, or other medications/drugs. The different types of surgeries, work well for patients with different types of glaucoma. 


Which medicines should be used for glaucoma?


There are several medicines that can work for controlling glaucoma. Measures can be taken in two ways to bring down eye pressure in the eyes. Based on what method your healthcare provider thinks are best for your condition, you will be prescribed a category of medications. Every drug has its own benefits and side effects. But upon purchasing the recommended drug online and using it, you can control glaucoma without triggering any other eye problems.


There are two main categories of glaucoma medications. They are:

  • Medicines that lower the secretion of aqueous humor in the eyes. Some examples are beta blockers, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, alpha-adrenergic agonists, etc. 


  • Medications that help the aqueous humor pass out through the ophthalmic drainage system. Some examples of these medications are nitric oxide, rho kinase inhibitors, prostaglandin chemical analogs like cheap Bimatoprost, etc. Many people buy Bimatoprost online for use and benefit from the same.


How long should the glaucoma medication be continued?


With drugs like Bimatoprost, it is noticed that the eye pressure can stay controlled for about 24 hours from the time you have administered the medication. Hence, people buy Bimatoprost online USA or another affordable eye drops and regularly use them. As the effect of the glaucoma medication is short-lived, one has to keep the treatment going for a long time. If you are looking for cheap and effective treatment for the control of glaucoma, then you must buy Bimatoprost eye drops online under a doctor’s recommendation and use under his/her care.


The effects of glaucoma surgery are more long-lasting than medication therapy. But even after having expensive surgeries, you may still need to use the glaucoma eye drops and monitor the level of your eye pressure regularly.


Is there any other treatment for permanently curing glaucoma?


No, there is no medicine or surgical treatment developed yet, to provide a complete cure for glaucoma. Glaucoma or ocular hypertension (high pressure in the eyes) once detected can only be controlled from worsening with timely and adequate treatment. Patients should know this before beginning their treatment.