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Tequesta Terrace Assisted Living recently presented the Tequesta Friends of Public Safety with the senior living community’s Good Neighbor Award. The award acknowledges the significant work of local organizations that give back to the greater community. The Tequesta Friends of Public Safety was chosen for the award due to their dedication to supporting local first responders and their families for all that they do to keep those who call Tequesta home safe. The group supports first responders and their families in the event of a family or medical emergency. The Tequesta Friends of Public Safety was awarded a $1,000 gift from Tequesta Terrace during a special ceremony held at the senior living community. For Abby Brennan, mayor of Tequesta and Treasurer of The Tequesta Friends of Public Safety, this recognition from Tequesta Terrace was incredibly meaningful and important to the organization.

“Every day our first responders work to ensure the safety and well-being of our community, and we should all do the same by providing assistance for them when they find themselves in need,” said Brennan. “Through the support of our community, we ensure members of our police and fire departments have support. Whether it’s assistance with medical insurance or something more personal, we want to step up and take a weight off their shoulders. It was absolutely wonderful to receive this contribution from Tequesta Terrace, and we are incredibly grateful for their support of our first responders.”

The Tequesta Friends of Public Safety is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charity organization dedicated to the aid, support and comfort of Village of Tequesta safety personnel in times of need. The organization was created to recognize Village of Tequesta Public safety personnel for their achievements, heroism and sacrifice. Support of the organization is incredibly meaningful for the senior living community, as Tequesta Terrace has not only received aid from local safety personnel, but also established relationships with the police and fire departments that benefit residents and strengthen the bonds of community.

“We’re thankful for everything the police and fire departments do for our residents here at Tequesta Terrace,” said Shawn Gibbons, executive director of Tequesta Terrace. “Over the years, we have built strong relationships with the men and women who serve the Tequesta Village community, and we were honored to have the opportunity to give back and do something special for them. The Tequesta Friends of Public Safety was a natural choice for us, as they embody the spirit of being a good neighbor and working to ensure that everyone in the greater community lives life to the fullest. We hope that with this recognition, others will also pay it forward and look for ways to be a good neighbor.” 

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