A roof is so important to every home. The roofs have become part of our homes and lives. Therefore, we are attached to them more than we know. For example, if it is in the rainy season and your roof is leaking, you will feel uncomfortable. This means that we also depend on the roofs for our comfortability and for shelter. To find the leaking roof might be tricky but at the same time easy. If you have a ceiling and you notice some water stains on it, it may mean that your roof is leaking.

In events when you notice a leak, drips of water or maybe your roof is sagging, ignoring will not be the best way to go. This is because the leak can be small and later spread into a huge flow of water or rain. This might be devastating especially when the leak is causing severe damage to the entire house or home.

Finding A Leak

Sometimes the finding process is not that simple. Whether you have hired a roofing contractor or you are doing it yourself, there are challenges involved in finding these leaks. That's why at least two people are needed to be a standby in case the finding process demands so.

In pitched roofs, finding a leak mid not be as straight and easy as it sounds. The leaks can be higher from the leak that is interior. In this case, water will find its way through the shingles and travel to the rafters before finding its way to the ceiling. This might cause sagging.

To find this kind of leak, you need a specialist to help you with the process. The tools that are required in this case include:

  • Someone to help ease the process
  • A ladder
  • If it’s not raining, you will need a hose
  • A dust mask
  • A flashlight is also vital
  • A tape measure cannot be left out

How Exactly Will You Find The Leak?

  1. one person will have to go into the attic

While entering the attic, make sure that you have a dust mask because the area might be too dusty. After you are in there, try and find the area where the leak to your ceiling is originating from.

  1. Assess the damage caused by water.

This is done by looking up above the leak from the ceiling. Asses the point leading towards the ceiling. It might not be exactly above you but it might be around that leaking place.

  1. Use a hose to run water from the outside

If the leak cannot be seen with the person from the inside, let the person go on top of the roof and run water to the roof using a hose. The water will automatically start leaking and the person inside will be able to spot the leaking zone.

  1. After you have known where the leak originates from, it is good to mark the leak and have the necessary preparations for repair.

Causes Of Leaks

  • Shingles that are missing
  • Shingles that are damaged
  • Gaps that might be left out during roofing

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