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Eyelash serums have become immensely popular. They have substituted slow and tedious home remedies for growing eyelashes, cosmetic treatments like eyelash transplants, fixing eyelash extensions, and even falsies, lash lift procedures, etc. If you are interested in using these serums, then consult an eye doctor who can guide you regarding the correct method of application. There are also several dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind during application. 


A common question that people have is whether they can use over-the-counter eyelash serums. Though OTC serums are cheaper in cost, they cannot match the level of safety that F.D.A.-approved serums like Latisse. 


Can Latisse be used only by eyelash hypotrichosis patients?


The Latisse eyelash serum is specially approved by the F.D.A. for people suffering from hypotrichosis of eyelashes. But this does not mean that people who don’t suffer from this condition cannot use it. You will be surprised to find out that many have started using the Latisse eyelash serum even though they have adequate eyelashes. 


For them, the purpose behind using the cheap Latisse serum is to make their eyelashes surpass their normal growth length, density, and darkness. People can buy Latisse online and use it every day to get this look. The case with those suffering from eyelash hypotrichosis is that they have almost no eyelashes on their lash line. For such users, the Latisse online eyelash regrowth serum helps to grow healthy and strong lashes like others. 


If you are undergoing any special treatment like chemotherapy for cancer, or have a condition like trichotillomania where you have pulled out almost all your eyelashes, you can buy Latisse eyelash serum and use it with caution under a doctor’s care. The involvement of an eye specialist is very important when you purchase Latisse for lash growth treatment. Not getting this specialized medical care can cause several complications. 


What other supplements are necessary when applying Latisse?


If you are planning to buy Latisse generic USA and use it then, there are some important items (other than the Latisse serum bottle) that you need to have. The most important one among other items is clean applicator brushes. These are thin sticks that are used to take the liquid from the serum bottle and apply it to the base of the upper lash line. You should not compromise and use any other ordinary brush for application as it can cause problems. The other things that you must have with you include absorbent cloth, make-up cleaner, etc.


Where can you buy generic Latisse online?


Generic Latisse is Bimatoprost 0.03%. This bottle serum can be bought from almost all reputed and trustworthy local pharmacies or even online stores at a discounted rate. Many legit pharmaceutical companies require the purchaser to have a medical prescription from a doctor in order to supply them with this product. The Latisse eyelash regrowth serum should not be used without a prescription/recommendation from an eye doctor because improper use can lead to several eye problems. The most common ones include infection, inflammation, redness, itchiness, conjunctivitis, etc. 

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