Do I really have to explain why UCF is the best? That’s a bit like asking why the sky is blue, why snow is cold, or why the Pegasus is the coolest mascot you can have for a university – I mean, come on, it’s a horse that can fly! You can keep your badgers, your wolverines, and your lions. I’ll go with a flying horse, thank you very much.

I guess though the university is damned big, not everybody is able to attend it. So, for those that haven’t actually set foot on campus or attended any of the university’s many preeminent lectures, here are the 11 reasons why this is the best university there is.

It’s the second biggest university in the country

That means that there’s space for you to do and find nearly anything. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a club if you’re looking for people that share your interest, or if you’re looking for some exotic food, UCF is going to have it. After all, there are 63 thousand students attending. That leaves a lot of space for different personalities.

It has one of the best college campuses in the US

With the college campus rated as the 23rd best you know you’re going to have a good time. I personally love how there is always something going on. There are countless clubs and activities. There is, in fact, so much going on that there rarely is a need to go off campus. There’s a chocolate club, yoga under the stars and even a squirrel appreciation club.

I guess we’ve all go to appreciate something.

It’s cheaper to attend than the national average

If you want to be left with a massive debt at the end of your university degree, then maybe don’t attend UCF. You see, this one will put you back nearly 1000 USD less per year than other universities. You are, in fact, only paying a little over 1000 USD a month if you want to attend here.

That still too much? Well, there’s plenty of help for people from lower economic backgrounds. If your family makes less than 30k per month, for example, then you’ll only be paying about 10k a year.

You’ll earn a lot more than average once you leave

And you know what? That 10k is what you’ll actually be making more after you leave. The median earnings of a graduate of UCF are 43k per year six years out. That’s a hell of a lot more than the average of 33k per year that is the country average. So yeah, you’ll be able to pay off those debts a great deal faster than everybody else – thereby giving you the space to live your life, rather than deal with debt.

You’ll end up employed if you graduate

A whopping 92% of graduates are gainfully employed 2 years after attending. That’s a lot! What’s the country’s average in that regard? It lies at 83%. So yeah, the school rocks in that department as well.

You’ll graduate

Heck, since we’re on a roll, we might as well keep going with some of these awesome statistics. The school has a very high graduation rate, with 70% of students actually earning their degree. That’s a lot more than the national average which – quite shockingly – is less than half!

So yeah, if you’re actually eager to graduate so that you can earn that high salary I was talking about above and you’re not in the game to just rack up a massive debt, the University of Central Florida is a great place to go.

You’ll get in

Hey, let’s take it a step further back. Did you know that the acceptance rate of UCF is 50%? That’s a pretty decent rate – particularly if you consider some of the other top-end universities. For example, Harvard has an acceptance rate of 1/10th that, while Stanford is even lower.

So, if you’re one of those people that would rather just fill in a few applications, then why not choose UCF? Then you’ll have plenty of time to actually enjoy your senior year, rather than stressing out about which university you’ll get into.

There are some great parties

University life isn’t just about getting good grades. It’s also about meeting people, hanging out and doing the occasional keg stand. The UCF campus has plenty of those, with it having a deserved reputation as a party locale.

And the best part? Because there are so many different kinds of people, there always different parties going on as well. You can find any kind of party, from jocks to nerds, from parties full of emos to ones where there are tons of gizmos.

It’s all there and in the process, you know that there is a good night to be had somewhere. And though it might not always help you get a good grade it will certainly mean you’ll have a good life – after all, nobody is going to ask you for your college transcript 5 years out of college, while the people you meet on the college campus will stick around for most of your life! Anyway, you can always ask about help some of the writing services.

It’s diverse

In fact, that diversity isn’t just awesome at the parties, it’s awesome everywhere! The college is statistically one of the most diverse places that you can find in the US. And that’s a good thing, as different people from different walks of life expose you to different ideas, different beliefs and different points of view.

Those are all instrumental in helping you understand the world and your place in it.

There are 212 degrees

And that’s just a massive number. So how do those degrees divide up? Well, there are 93 different bachelor degrees on offer, 84 different master degrees, 31 doctoral degrees that you can earn, 3 specialist and 1 professional degree.

In other words, you’re going to find something that you’ll want to study. That’s pretty much guaranteed. You should prepare yourself for many tasks and tests, including your “favorite” SAT test.

It’s got an absolutely awesome vibe

But the best part can’t be listed with statistics. It’s something you’ve got to experience. It’s the vibe of the place. It’s just awesome. I don’t know how else to put it. You walk onto that campus and everybody is open, friendly and willing to talk to you.

That’s something that you’re not going to find everywhere. I mean, if you visit a city of 60k people, nobody will talk to you, but here it’s different. Here you’ll be made to feel welcome, included and part of a collective.

Last words

I think that’s what really makes it work. There is space for everybody to be who they are, while still leaving space for everybody to be part of the same community. I think that’s why more people graduate and people earn more. It’s because the students help each other excel and continue to look out for each other even after it’s all done.

And that is, ultimately, the most important thing about the university. It’s not just about what you learn but also about who you get to know. And everybody that I got to know here has been absolutely awesome.

Heck, if I never make another friend it doesn’t matter because I’ve already made enough friends here to last me two lifetimes! And that’s why UCF is the coolest university out there.

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